Check out some samples from our CDs

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  1. New Diet Revolution (Rasmussen)
  2. Remembrance ~ bonus clip (Hunter)
  3. Sightseeing (Rasmussen)
  4. Hair on my Pillow (Rasmussen)
  5. Three More Years ~ bonus clip (Rasmussen)
  6. When ~ bonus clip (Rasmussen)
  7. Spree Quick (Rasmussen)
  8. Chad's Pregnant ~ bonus clip (Rasmussen)
  9. Long Road (Rasmussen)
  1. Tuna Pants (Rasmussen) 4.3mb
  2. Starsky and Hutch (Rasmussen)
  3. Holiday House (Rasmussen)
  4. Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go (Luntzel) 6.58mb
  5. Days After (Rasmussen)
  6. No Joe (Hunter) 7.95mb
  7. If I Were a Bell (Loesser)
  8. GG's Influence (Thompson) 7.86mb
  1. Lacy (Rasmussen) 4.5mb
  2. Hey, Jim Sweeney (Rasmussen)
  3. Jonah (Hunter) 6.1mb
  4. Tales of Another (Rasmussen)
  5. Things We Should Forget (Luntzel/Hunter/Rasmussen)
  6. Cube-Go (Rasmussen)
  7. Joga (Bjork/Sigurdsson, arr. Luntzel)
  8. Robinson Family Tree (Hunter)
  9. Shuddap and Make Your Puppet (Rasmussen)
  10. Wanderlust (Luntzel) 2.9mb